I love the start of a year. I love the beginning of things. It’s quite beautiful not knowing what’s going to happen next but you have so much hope. New Years Eve and New Year Day are my favorite holidays hands down. We have a chance to be inspired, write new goals and for some party the night away/ have a reason to down drinks. While I am usually gulping down drinks as the clock strikes 12am for the new year. This year was different. I decided to get dressed up really pretty and go to New Years Eve service at church the 10pm service to be exact. Now don’t get it twisted I usually go to church every year for New Years Eve but it’s always an early service first and the party after. I like to be righteous first and ratchet afterwards. I brought the New Year in at church with my love. My love and I had a quiet New Years Eve. I am so grateful I was at church for New Years Eve. I honestly feel like how you bring in the New Year determines what type of year you will have.

This year my number one resolution is to strengthen my faith in God! I have gifts to share and often times I shy away from sharing the gifts. I shy away because I don’t believe I am the best. I shy away because I don’t have enough time. I shy away because I don’t have all the equipment I’d like to have. I ………. make excuses and my faith is low. I’m shook at the slightest criticism and it stays on my mind. I can become complacent and settle for things I know were not apart of my vision. The underlying problem is I lack faith in God and I lack faith in myself.

Soooo it’s a New Year, New Me…..lol he** naw it’s not! See here’s the thing I think I like me!! I am in love with the progress I am making as a woman. I am in love with the journey I am on in this thing called life. Why would I want there to be a new me? The motto is…. New Year, Better Mindset…New Year, A Better Me.

I have wrote my goals for this year. Some goals may change over the course of the year. Some goals may stay. I intend to slay each and every “goal” plan.I am optimistic about this year of 2018. I will work on strengthening my faith by being around more positive people, listening to positive messages, talking to God more. I will have faith and put in the work!! “Believe in yo’self who else going believe in ya?”- 2 Chainz

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