I am sitting on my bed while the eucalyptus candle is burning slow and Ra’Ja (my beloved dog) is finally sleep. Today was a cool day. I stayed in bed for quite some time because well… I was having technical difficulties. (Puts hand over forehead) guyssss never decide to drink a whole bottle of Sangria at 12am and think you’re going to wake up 6 hours later A1. When I finally got up I realized I had so much to do. I’ve been on break from the school I teach at for a week and a half. This Friday coming up I’ll be back at the j-o-b. Time is truly of the essence. I always have so much to do. If I at least get two things done off my to do list each day I am a happy camper. I know I need to work on having more urgency.

The beautiful thing about today was….nothing had to be urgent. I had a nice lunch tomato soup and a grilled cheese. I watched a heartfelt movie called “Miss Me This Christmas”. I took my time getting dressed. I must admit I did my makeup so natural and nice. When I was finally dressed in all my layers I recorded a few videos for my Youtube Channel :). Yes it’s a thing, it’s a vibe!! More details about that soon. I grabbed Ra’Ja, put him in the car (he hates car rides) and we went to one of his favorite places Petsmart. Ra’Ja and I looked at cats what a shocker right? After that I treated myself I stopped by BestBuy to get a few goodies for my photography business. I literally took my time with everything. It’s nice when you can create your own schedule.

I am grateful for life and all the opportunities it presents. I am grateful for the jobs I have now because I know they are stepping stones for where I want to be in the future. HOWEVER, I can not WAIT to be my own boss and create my own schedule, my own pace. When you are the boss of something you are passionate about I’m sure you have a whole new pep in your step. I am sure being a business owner will not be easy work BUT I am sure it is soooo rewarding to be a business owner.


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