Habits are easy to form. Some habits are great for us. While others habits we form are toxic. I am very mindful and aware of myself. Within the past month things have truly slowed down for me. I have had a chance to evaluate my life, actions and encounters with others. I understand the importance in taking care of myself mind, body and spirit. BUT honestly I am not a MASTER in taking care of myself. I can do a wayyyy better job.

I’ve decided….

to become a pescetarian in training (I won’t eat meat unless it’s seafood). that may sound simple but for someone like me who lovesss to eat and lovesss meat..this will be a hard process.

to listen to gospel music more. sometimes we are not even mindful of the trash we listen to on a constant basis. Music does have an impact on our lives.

to conserve my energy and not spread myself thin. Often times I’ll try to be everywhere and please others. It’s nothing wrong with being supportive of others of course not..but when you are constantly on the go..that’s a recipe for disaster.

I’m letting go of the habits that don’t promote wellness. If you notice that I’ve changed…that’s most likely a good thing!

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