It’s a perfectly mundane Wednesday and I’ve decided to blog. I haven’t blogged in months and I’m ashamed. I struggle with being completely transparent online because naturally I’m a private person. But here it is….I share my everyday insights.

I recently just got finished with watching Nasty Gal the series on Netflix and it was ok. I loved the book way more and if you’re a reader you know what I mean. Nasty Gal is about a 20 something year old girl named Sophia trying to find her way, prove that she’s independent and ultimately become a success story! And well she does… become very successful! Sophia launches her online store and Nasty Gals from all over spend a little or a lot on the vintage items. In the beginning, Sophia was not a success story. As it was depicted from the Netflix show Sophia would steal food from garbage cans, she couldn’t keep a low end job, she was hot tempered and had no real direction with her life. I liked the Netflix series and the book about Sophia “Nasty Gal” because it showed the progression of a young woman. Now the thing that throws me for a loop hole is that in some ways Sophia was privileged but she refused help. While it is admirable to be “independent” it’s not wise to turn down help just to prove a point. The other thing that throws me for a loop hole is that until Sophia found her passion she took nothing seriously. I love how people and millenials especially follow what they are passionate about even if it is risky.

As I watched Nasty Gal I thought about my life and I made comparisons. One thing I noticed is that your 20s are unpredictable. Your 20s are literally a rollercoaster of ups and downs. You can succeed and stunt in one area then in the other area not so much. I’ve been thinking about the quote “I don’t know what’s going to happen next and I love it.” Because at this stage I do not know lol…I’ve always prided myself on having a plan and having the answers. Now I’m just trying to focus on being more present, doing what I want to do and being grateful. Not another day is promised so I might as well enjoy the ride with all its heights.


“her whole life is on a ride….”

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