I honestly don’t know about anyone else but I feel like the older we get the less we reflect on valuing friendships. By “We” I mean my generation. Sure we get together for friends birthdays and special occasions but what about the regular days?

With women in particular I feel like altogether we focus on ourselves and oh yeah our man if we happen to have one. It was easier to get friends together when I was in high school and barely had $2.oo to my name. There are some friends who are down for the “turn up” every weekend and other friends who make excuse after excuse to not hang out…”oh I have to watch my cat” or the line I hear the most “I’m broke.” While I get everyone does not have the same financial situation….what happened to effort?

I am a true girlfriend (I value friendships, I careeeee0 and a woman’s woman. I love spending time with my friends and anyone who knows me knows I’m allllll for a girls night out (kick your man to the curb for a few hours lol). Life isn’t all about the turn up for me, I don’t even like clubs at this point…but the point I’m making is we need to make time for our friends. Have a breakfast date, do homework together, go to the park, catch a movie,etc. There are so many things to do with your friends. No matter how old we get we’ll always need quality company and good/ real friends.

So I challenge you grandma’s who make excuses to call your friends, hang out with them, love on them… we all need each other! Same thing goes for guys! You don’t want to look up one day and wonder where all your friendships went, step outside of yourself.

Wednesday Thoughts ❤

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