i’m no walk in the park…

see i can be carefree, happy and easy going

but i’m sorry if i misinformed you…

i’m no walk in the park

see i can be quiet, laidback and fun

but i’m sorry if i misinformed you

i’m no walk in the park

see you think you’ve found someone who is down for whatever, whenever, wherever

and all that may be true

but don’t get it confused i’ll speak my mind time after time after time

then things won’t always come out right, they won’t come out in an eloquent speech

i make it a habit to repeat

instead i may be saying words you never thought i’d say

i’m easy to love, i’m hard to love, honestly it depends on the day

i’m no walk in the park

i’m a journey through a forest, a journey on a trail which you didn’t read up on

i’m no walk in the park, i’m no walk in the park, i’m no walk in the park

loving me isn’t always easy…see you can’t love me and only love an aspect of me

i’m a whole lotta woman with many roles to play

if you’re going to love me…take it all in… love all of me on all of the days

i’m.no.walk.in.the.park…this is my warning


it’s LITUARY and I recently turned 25 years of age. Initially I wanted to have a quiet birthday/ not make any plans..but as February the 6th got closer & closer I had a change of heart. I thought to myself, “bih you’re about to be 25 and you’re not doing anything?” lol that seemed unheard of to me..so I planned things and I must say it has been a #Live25 ever since!!

Before turning 25 years of age I had some strange feelings. I started to feel as if what I’ve been doing hasn’t been…enough..If you would’ve asked me 10 shoot even 5 years ago how 25 should look? It would be a lot different than what I’m living. 25 is supposed to be sophisticated, classy, financially secure, me having allllll my shit together! I reflected on my life before I turned 25 years old. I have 2.5 jobs….JOBS. I work at a middle school and i love it but I know i’m not meant to stay in that position..forever. I tutor children and it’s worthwhile but it can get sad when children can’t read. I also work at a hotel and lets just say I am not passionate about serving others lol…but I’m super grateful for the benefits/ opportunities to meet new people. I live at home with my parents…in my head ideally I’m supposed to live in L5P or some trendy area with art galore as well as the hippest restaurants. I do enjoy staying home because I get to truly save money for a home. I have a boyfriend but shoot 5 years ago me says I should’ve been engaged by now i’m wifey lol. The point of it all is that I became very sad before I turned 25 because I did not/do not have my shit “all the way together.”

Then something clicked to me….who said you have to have everything altogether by the age of 25? Was it my parents? my friends? associates? social media gurus? or was it me putting all these expectations/ pressure on myself? Don’t get me wrong we all want to achieve and flourish! but everything worthwhile takes time. we don’t have to be on this strict time clock as to when/ what age we’re supposed to have things….let things naturally evolve.

It clicked to me #25 can be as live and as successful as I want it to be…and I determine that on my own terms. Life is for the living! I’m no longer sitting around moping about the things I do not have. I’m going to feel blessed for what I do have, I’m going to live life from the stand point of I have an abundance of love & peace, I am whole (not lacking in a damn thing) . I am going to be happy for others success without comparing my life to others.