matters of the heart & the mind

what do you do when your feet stands still but your mind tells you to go?

you’re physically here but we are not connected

you’ve exhausted the possibilities

and we put an expiration date on our love

moving forward

but all I know is you

moving forward

but I see you in my dreams….nightmares

a love that slowly dies

and you’ve erased our memories

I have too

but I still can’t keep my mind off you….I wonder if I’m just a quitter

always walking away when the going gets tough

see no one wants to start over with someone new

but that’s what you have to do when love doesn’t truly love you


Sunday 08-07-2016

“What do you want from the college experience?”

Today I had the opportunity to speak with an upcoming college freshman. I’ve known for days that the young lady and I would meet up to talk. The young lady is actually the daughter of one of my dad’s best friends. Before I spoke with the young lady I kept wondering what will I tell her about the college experience? I thought about how I felt before I started college. I was excited, I counted down the days until I was at Valdosta State University. You see I’ve always been one of those weird people who embraces change. I love change! I love the start of new seasons. I’ve always wanted to travel around the world and not be confined to a certain area. What’s so odd about everything is that before I started life as a college student at Valdosta State University I’ve lived in the same house since I was 4 years old and once I started at a certain school I finished there as well. My life has been pretty steady. I guess we always long for the opposite of what we have. I didn’t go to Valdosta State University with any of my best buddies from high school and honestly I didn’t have any friends going there. It meant I had to start from scratch at VSU and make a name for myself. It didn’t hit me until my mother, father and brother left to go back to Atlanta that I was truly on my own for the very first time. I felt a little sad and homesick the first night in my new dorm. Soon enough I became adjusted to the college life. College really is A Different World, you meet so many people and you can be thrown in so many different directions. Everything I learned in college helped mold me into a better woman. I can even say I have stronger faith and a better relationship with my Creator God. Whenever you start a new journey it’s not the time to move away from God, it’s the time to move closer to God. We need God on our best days, our worst days and all the days in between.

  • College is a time to discover who you really are.
  • College is a time to define who you want to be and what you want out of life.
  • It’s easy to get distracted and lost in college, many people don’t tell you that.

For all those who are starting college soon or starting a new journey REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE & STAY FOCUSED on YOUR PRIORITIES.