you’ve distorted the picture…

ruined a painting that was becoming a masterpiece.

see masterpieces take time but it’s like you always want to press re-wind on the tape

instead of moving forward

so the picture isn’t what you imagined it to be

it still has potential

just not what you imagined it to be

you walk away, so good at walkin’ away no one ever gave you a real reason to stay

some say it’s easier to repair what you already have

is it really….?

so you’re torn between the ruined picture and the blank canvas

you know you have to decide or you could just let it ride

you’re an make things make love beautiful..and when one loves you it’s beautiful

is beauty overrated? busy, cluttered pictures not get enough appreciation?

we stare in awe at the seemingly finished masterpiece but we don’t know the hardships Printthe artist faced on the journey

is it easier to repair a “ruined” picture? or is it easier to start again, heal again, paint again?


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