Do we ever really make it out?

Here it is friday evening and I’m in the house relaxing. I had the opportunity to go out with family and I’m sure I could’ve hit up some friends to hang but I just didn’t want to. Something about having “me time” is so refreshing. I’ve been around children all week and I’ve almost lost my voice from all the yelling I’ve done. It’s nice to just sit in silence.

The areas I usually work in are urban or what America would call it “the ghetto”. When I work in urban areas I am exposed to different resources like the children are. I’m exposed to people with various viewpoints on the daily. Recently at work two of my co workers were in a debate about…everything they could think of. At first I was in the conversation but then as things heated up I took the back seat and decided to listen. My co workers talked about what children need these days, if it’s important to learn about Africa, is Africa the motherland, why we shouldn’t eat pork, shrimp, lobster, crab, etc. One thing that stood out to me is that my co workers had two different viewpoints one had an individualistic viewpoint and the other had a collectivistic viewpoint.

Is it solely about me? or is it about my people? How successful am if everyone else around me is suffering in some type of way? When we make it should we move out “the hood”? or Should we build up our communities and make our communities safe havens?


Throughout life I’ve always had this dream to become wealthy and live in a country mansion..but maybe I need to stay right here on the WestSide and make my side of town an ideal place to be. Maybe I need to continue supporting small black businesses with good service. And I need to learn more about my history as an African American, love myself and teach my people to love themselves.




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