roller-coaster.jpgI’m not one to complain.
I’m not one to throw a pity party…but lately I’ve challenged myself to experience emotions and not conceal them.
My life is a rollercoaster sometimes I’m going up, up and away then other times the next move is downward spiral. I’ve been taught to embrace life and understand with struggles come progress.
Beyonce has even put out #Lemonade in efforts to show that life especially married life isn’t always sweet! When life serves you lemons, make lemonade.
The thing of it all though is that I CRAVE security and a sense of consistency in relationships. I don’t like feeling fragile, I want what I have to be solid.
I need to know that love is unconditional,need to know I’m supported and valued. It’s easy to say I love you. It’s even easy to do acts of love. It’s hard to love when people don’t act how we imagine they should act. It’s hard to love when we are hurt. Is love all so natural or should we work on the way we love others, the way we love ourselves?
“her whole life is on a ride.” & she’s forced to embrace the ride

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