People give advice the best way THEY can even when it’s not asked or needed. Everyone just wants to share.

Today at one of my part time hustles (the hotel) a co-worker asked me if I were going anywhere for SpringBreak. My co- worker knows I’m an educator and schools are out for SpringBreak. I told my co- worker I do not celebrate anymore since I have graduated from school. Now I just take vacations when I feel like it not because of a “spring break.” I make my own breaks because my jobs at the moment are on call and I’m able to do that. My co- worker looked at me and laughed she said, “oh you’re a grown up now?” Of course I replied yes.

I told my co- worker I have only been interested in working during this break. Working so I can save for nice things. The kid I mean grown up is tired of being broke and bougee.

Ms.I my co- worker pulled me aside and said,”look you need to make time to have fun and enjoy your life.” Obviously she thinks I just work and don’t have my fun. Obviously she’s wrong…I’ve had too much fun over the years and made bad decisions. Now it’s time for me to be responsible and make better decisions for my future so I won’t always be HUSTLIN’. The 2-3 job life is not ideal but I get things done and I’ll hustle until I get to where I wanna be.

In my head, I was like yeah Ms.I might have had a lot of fun when she was young but she’s still at the hotel and not in a management position…I don’t want to be like her in that aspect hustlin’ with those 12 hour shifts.

But I guess…people give advice the best way they can. People mean well but their advice isn’t always the best. Use your own discernment to decide what is best for your life.

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