The fragility of relationships..
One minute that’s your baby
Next minute he’s thinking should I call her? maybe
Have we had poor examples of love?
Love can seem so conditional..
as long as he’s doing what you want…it’s all good
the only love that seems real is Nina and Darius Lovehall
and even that shit was uncertain
what happens when the credits roll and we close that curtain?
we look good on camera
is it all an illusion?
we gotta constantly communicate
or is it a bunch of confusion?
highlight reels but is it really real?
conditional or unconditional
they act like to get it you gotta look superficial
we don’t know how to take it slow
we want everything in an instant
they say we want it so badly that we ruin it before it truly begins
we preach we don’t wanna neva end
but we look for love when we don’t feel it anymore
filling voids with these dating sites
but it makes you feel all right
we don’t even know how to appreciate being alone
do you really know yourself?
we get to know others before we know our self
the fragility of relationships makes it hard to trust
the fragility of relationships makes it hard for us to stay together through any weather
the fragility of relationships has us thinking we have to prove some things
the fragility of relationships

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