when we meet people we try to learn, observe and study them.. well no when we decide to date them we try to learn, observe and study them. We figure we will learn what makes the other person happy, sad,angry and all the in betweens.

the thing is…everyone wants to present the best version of themselves…and that’s fine. but do you know the REAL person?
Can you handle the REAL person?
Will you be there for the REAL person?

See people think relationships are all about cute pictures, holidays spent together and love songs.
Relationships are WORK, I do not care what anyone says and times are not always easy.
At times it seems like you two are so close and everything feels so right.
Other times it feels like you are growing…apart.
Does growing apart mean you should fight to make things better or does it mean you should let things naturally evolve?
When do we stop fighting?
When do we accept things as they are?
I get caught up in the vision, how things could be. I am a dreamer but I do need to deal with reality.

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