I’ve been thinking about weddings and marriage a lot lately.
Partly because a good friend of mine asked me on my birthday this year to be her MOH or what I like to call it Chief Bridesmaid.
My friend told me her wedding is this year and we have only a few months to plan. While I know it’s not my wedding the little perfectionist in me wants the occasion to be stress free, special and very memorable for her. I’ve never been a MOH or even a bridesmaid so while I am excited I feel a little nervous. I don’t know how this whole thing goes and my friend is nervous herself.
As I think about weddings I reflect on how special the day is but I also think it’s JUST a way to put your love on a platform for OTHERS. Weddings are EXTRA. I have always envisioned myself having a beautiful wedding with the man I love. While I do not know who I would marry I have always known I would have a wedding and I even have the details. What girl doesn’t dream of having a wedding?
As I get older I realize I’ve been caught up in the idea of things. I do want a husband but now I don’t know if it’s URGENT for me to have a wedding. You’re probably thinking I have time to think of things like weddings…and you’re right..I do. I don’t want to be one of those girls caught up in material and extravagant things. When I get married I want to focus on being married and being happy with the man God sent me. Weddings are beautiful but if they are stressful, they put you in debt and add anxiety/ drama….are weddings really worth it? Love is shared between TWO people and I don’t believe it is NECESSARY to put your love on display for OTHERS.

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