a series of unfortunate events have been happening lately….ok well maybe not a series maybe just a few events… and they have been happening because I’m always fashionably late.

I am a very relaxed person for the most part and I really enjoy taking my time with….EVERYthing. While I think it’s important to take your time on things…I don’t believe you should have others waiting on you. Personally I dislike when I agree on a time with someone and they show up late. So I don’t understand why I think it’s okay for others to wait on me. Partly I feel that I’m not taking certain things as serious these days because I’m not passionate…you’re probably wondering why do I do things I’m not passionate about…well, I have to make a living. I need to fake it until I make it or at least build a good repertoire for business. I don’t want to be known for being continuously late.

So here are the unfortunate events:

-Yesterday…I could have had an interview but I didn’t. The potential job left me a voicemail thursday asking if I could come in for an interview friday at 2pm. I received the voicemail late and I knew I couldn’t make the interview because I was working at a middle school that friday and wouldn’t get off until 4pm. I called the job early friday morning and attempted to reschedule an interview and they said they would call back to let me know the confirmation. Well I never received a call and I didn’t get off until 4pm as a reminder. I called the job as soon as I got off but the person I talked to basically told me without saying the exact words that I was SOL and I couldn’t reschedule. The job plans to hire next week. What I learned from this is what’s urgent to you isn’t necessarily urgent to anyone else. Don’t wait for a call, text, voicemail when something is urgent to you.

-Today… Ok so I work at a business hotel and depending on the events going on in Atlanta it can get very busy. I was scheduled for a shift at 9am. I should’ve known with the Bronner Bros. show going on this weekend that it would be busy at the hotel and parking would be crazy. I should’ve showed up to my shift super early. Did I do it? Nah. Couldn’t find parking in the employee lot…yikes. Then I tried to park in the regular lot and I was told because I wasn’t a guest I couldn’t park there. They understood I worked for the hotel but they didn’t care…guests come first! blahzeee blah. I even offered to pay for parking and that was reaching, the parking attendant still told me I couldn’t park there…wtf.!! In my head, I imagined myself getting reckless with the attendant but I just let it go…and now I  regret that. Moral of the story I was SOL again…I could easily blame someone else or other factors but truth is all of this is happening because I am always…fashionably late and it doesn’t help me at all.

I need to work on being on time. Being on time doesn’t mean showing up right on the dot it means showing up 20 or 30 minutes ahead of time….I am a struggling young professional but I will get better with practice.

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