today I found myself venting to someone. I was quite upset, confused and hurt by a particular situation that I won’t reveal on here..

The person I vented to asked me if I knew what a fantasy relationship was… I had an idea of what a fantasy relationship consists of but I figured I’d look it up to know exactly what it means.

Fantasy relationship- One you prefer to relate to, describe, and require of those in relationships with you; however, the fantasy level of expectation is seldom met.

So basically you want one thing out of a relationship you EXPECT something but the expectations are NOT MET.

Are fantasy relationships healthy?

I think the first step to any issue is to ACKNOWLEDGE the issue…BE AWARE.

then examine your behavior…does your partner know how you feel? Have you voiced things to your partner and not Jon, Joan, Shawn, etc.?

Is your partner making any R E A L EFFORT?

Personally I think there is always room for growth as an individual, as couples. Growth is always good.

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic but at some point your expectations, what you want has to be MET.

If what you want isn’t being MET and you’re constantly expressing how you feel…what’s the purpose of a relationship?

What’s your take on fantasy relationships?



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