It’s finally my birthday.
I feel so blessed to see this day.
Each year I plan to do something grand for my day. I feel like birthdays should always be celebrated and acknowledged. The day I stop celebrating life I must be sick. Most birthdays I want to celebrate with many people. This year 2016 I wanted to keep things small and celebrate with those who have made the most impact on my life and those who had nothing but positive vibes. I am very intentional about how I celebrate life.

I’ve learned so much at the age of 23.

I’ve learned to be patient and trust the process. As an over-thinker I’m always thinking about tomorrow and the years to come. I’m always planning which can be good to a certain extent. A special friend of mine Steph taught me it’s important to be PRESENT, to enjoy moments without documentation, to listen when others speak and not to listen just to merely respond. Be PRESENT in the PRESENT.

I’ve learned I can’t change others or situations but I CAN change myself. I can change how I respond to encounters. I can change the energy I give off. I can change my perspective.

I’ve learned I’m a moderate person. I’m not on either extreme. I like and appreciate balance in almost all aspects. I like church on Sunday and I also like going out for drinks on a Saturday night.

I’ve learned that I truly appreciate the simple things. I like to be thought of, I like constant attention from those who matter and I am sensitive.

I’ve learned most importantly I AM A LIFER. And that doesn’t mean I’m serving time. I’m a lifer in the aspect that I truly do love life even with its ups and downs, with its unexpected twists, with its many uncertainties. I want to explore and continue to discover what life has to offer. Life is the teacher and I am the student. I hope I never stop loving, never lose my optimistic views and never ever stop living.

“For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.”

If I exist as I am, that is not enough.

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