Where we are in the present does not dictate where we will be in the future.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

& if you’re feeling your ego humble yourself?

We can get so wrapped up in our visions, our goals that we get disappointed when we don’t see the outcome right away.

I have to remind myself that life itself is a process and no one of status, prestige got to where they are over night. If someone got to where they were over night how long did it truly last?

We put on the gloves and beat ourselves up for not being where we want to be by a certain age. I’ll admit I’m not doing what I imagined to be doing at the age of 23 years old. I thought with a college degree so many doors would open. I appreciate and value my college degree. However, a college degree does not guarantee anything, it doesn’t even guarantee a pat on your back. Hard work ethic, experience, connections and of course the “root of all evil” money opens doors. When you want to achieve your dreams whatever they may be it’s not an easy task. It seems like several doors will close in your face before one will open. I don’t take rejection too well. I’m a confident woman so I feel wronged when I’m rejected. I need to get comfortable with rejection. I need to get comfortable with knocking on doors and being aggressive.

The world doesn’t know me.

My potential is anonymous.

i’m aware of myself. My family may be aware of my potential and maybe a few friends.

Just because my potential or your potential is anonymous does not mean we stop moving in the process.

The process is undefined and there is not a specific route, no specific routes. We are sometimes pacing ourselves, other times we are running and we stop to smell the roses maybe we’ll get lost in a garden patch or maybe we’ll fall in a ditch.

We need to enjoy the process. I need to enjoy the process and not get so caught up in the envisioned end result.

Make the process interesting. Travel some routes you did not imagine. Travel the road less desired. Beat down some doors to get what you want because nothing is handed. Even if something is handed to you it shouldn’t be trusted..nothing is free.

our potential won’t always be anonymous.

our potential will be realized.

our dreams will be realized.

our drive will pay off.

our visions will be manifested.

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