Social media has its pros and cons.

I am starting to believe it has more cons than pros.

You’re probably thinking how could I feel this way if I’m constantly using it? And yes I do use it often whether it’s making a tweet, posting pics on Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, using SnapChat or even making this post. Truth is I really have a problem with social media. At least I’m aware and honest right? Whenever I feel myself using social media too much I pull away. I delete the apps off my phone and go on about living life.

The problem I have with social media is it can keep you distracted…BUT only if you let it. How many times have you went out with family and/or friends & someone was glued to their phone? RUDE as sh** right? Right! Lol social media has you looking at the post, preparing for the next post and responding to posts. We feel like we know complete strangers just by viewing their social media. We get so caught up in others lives… we NEED to be living our lives! We make comparisons and start to feel inadequate when our life doesn’t match up to some we hold on a pedestal. Then social media tries to sway you to a certain side based off opinions. It’s really all your interpretation and how you use social media. I definitely believe there is a certain etiquette to using social media..but Do what you do!

The point I am attempting to make is that social media makes you less present with what’s going on in your surroundings.

I challenge you to BE PRESENT.

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