Today is a regular day. I am a substitute teacher and I am at a middle school. This particular middle school has two campuses one for the 6th grade academy and the other for the 7th & 8th graders.

As I left the 6th grade campus to commute to the 7th & 8th grade campus I decided to get lunch. I had to get something quick and convenient. I didn’t want to be late to the other campus. Anyone who knows me well knows I struggle with being on time for things I am not too excited about.

I decided to stop at McDonalds…bad choice considering I want to eat healthy & I didn’t choose a salad.

I didn’t choose water either. In 2016, I’m supposed to not drink sodas and IF i happen to drink a soda it should be like ginger ale or sprite.

I chose Coca Cola…smh.

I made up my mind before I received the Coke it would be so good.

I was was nasty. I’m so shocked but that’s more motivation for me to not break my promises, resolutions to self.

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