Who am I?

That’s a question you might consider as you have stumbled to my page. It’s a question I ask myself quite often. I am a 20 something year old trying to create a meaningful life. Sometimes I appear put together but most of the time I’m a mess. I am a deep thinker borderline an over thinker. But I do not want to be an over thinker. I want to be more of a doer. I have good thoughts, plans, ideas PRETTY THOUGHTS. But I want 2016 to be my year of execution. I am aggressive in some areas and in other areas i’m timid. Most people who know me wouldn’t believe I am an introvert. I am surrounded by people on a consistent basis and I love to talk, listen to others. I also love, crave my own space. I get drained by others when I’m in constant contact. I dislike with a passion being confined or feeling confined. I despise routine but I’m beginning to understand routine is necessary for our lives, our goals. Sometimes I believe I have it all figured out and I’m usually wrong. I need guidance. I am a spiritual person in constant pursuit of making my relationship stronger with God. I am sensitive and very aware of my feelings. I keep a guard up as a defense mechanism. I seek to inspire and be inspired. I long to be in the company of others who are unapologetically themselves and transparent. I am A C B an I’m still discovering who I am. I am more than a pretty face, I am composed of pretty thoughts. Follow me on this journey as I share insights on all things of interest.

Let’s get elevated.

Let’s connect.



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